Underhay Village


Often reffered to as Windmill village, Underhay is located at the western edge of Trettle Forest. It is a young halfling village that mainly serves as a farming community and a food source for Highcastle’s many citizens. The village has no offical governor, with Jeremiah carrying the title in an unofficial capacity.

First plans of the formation of Underhay were formed in 4648. 2 years later, actual settlers and builders were sent for the construction of buildings and occupation of the area.

In it’s brief history, Underhay has been a haven of safety, with very few incidents occuring, mostly dealing with lizardfolk from the Living marshes poaching in the forest and the gnolls from the nearby Mord mountain disrupting their patrols.

Underhay covers an area of 0.19 square miles and houses a population of 683 halflings, according to recent logs.

Underhay Village

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