Built thousands of years ago by the first human settlers of Tedoera, Highcastle is one of the longest standing cities in Loo. Though newly settled by halflings over 800 years ago, the human influence is still very much present, not only in the cities’ name but also heavily in it’s architecture.

Highcastle stands as the second biggest city in Tedoera both in size and population, and is the main hub of the regions economy, welcoming hundreds of caravans inside it’s walls on a daily basis.

It is dividied into many districts, most notably the exclusive Highrise district, the wealthy Castle Gardens district and the Scraps, a large district housing the cities poorest citizens.

It also, however, has a dark side — The Crawl, a web of underground tunnels and rooms used by the cities’ criminals both as a sanctuary and a place to do their bussiness. It’s corruption is almost legendary among the citizens of Tedoera, with The Crawl enduring effortlessly even after years of being hunted by both the city guard and paladin orders.

Highcastle is located near Farle river, only a dozen miles away from the towns of Batton and Reeltop, and is connected to both Eckendor and Thornvale via Vinemarrow road.

It boasts the longest tradition of all the settlements in Tedoera and is a starring example of making racial diversity work, with districts housing almost all of the allied races working in harmony.

The entire city is protected by large stone walls with a large network of farms surrounding them. It is 1,12 square miles in area and houses over 22 thousand inhabitants.

Highcastle is governed by Lord Telcot Hammerbush.


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