HP: 2d8+2
AC: 10 +1(dex) +4(nat.) = 15
Speed: 30ft. Reach: 5ft.
Saves: 1/4/2
Specials: Blindsight 40ft, Sight immunities, Scent
Skills: Climb +4, Hide +3/13, Listen +5, Spot +3
Feats: Alertness, Track


  • Battleaxe (+4)(1d8 +3)

BaB/Grapple: 2/4

Environment: Temperate plains/Underground
Organization: Gang (2-4) to Tribe (10-60)
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Grimlocks are natives of the deep places beneath the earth but
come to the surface to raid for slaves and pillage. While there,
they lurk in mountainous terrain, which hides them well. They
prefer raw, fresh meat, preferably human. Grimlocks speak their own language and common.


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