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  • A Party is Formed

    * +[[:elly-doublesock-goatslapper-dong | Elly]]+ and Bobo Jr. made their way to +[[Underhay Village | Underhay Village]]+. There, they met a halfling named Jimmy who showed them around and introduced them to +[[:jeremiah-6 | Jeremiah]]+. * Elly treated …

  • Gnoll Goblins

    * While waiting for [[:morin-the-keg | Morin's]] party to arrive, [[:elly-doublesock-goatslapper-dong | Elly]] befriended a new wolf, and named him +Bobo III+. * [[:thanammash | Thanammash]], a +human wizard+, and [[:fervellion | Fervellion]], an +elf …

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