A once skilled rogue who unfortunately never learned not to walk through the forest at night.


Status: Devoured by wolves

Lucian was a human who travelled with Thannamash, Morin, and Fervellion prior to their arrival to Underhay.

Lucian was a fairly skilled rogue who fought with dual swords, including his prized possesion, a magical shortsword of great power.

On one ocassion, he was travelling alone through Trettle forest at night, where he was ambushed by a wolf. Unable to fend off the beast, he was killed and ultimately made into breakfast.


Lucian was born in Eckendor. Orphaned at a young age, he was made a slave, though he soon escaped and returned to Eckendor, fending for himself while living in the streets. It didn’t take him long the learn the simple tricks necessary to survive such a life.

He found escape from this life when he met Thanammash, a human wizard, on the streets of Eckendor. In search of a skilled rogue, Thanammash offered Lucian a life of adventure, something Lucian always craved.

Yearning more to take advantage of his naive new friends than actually help, he nevertheless soon befriended them and the group adventured together for close to half a year.

On a fateful night, however, as Lucian was attempting to cross Trettle forest, he met his end in the form of a vicious wolf. He was 32 years old.


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