Lord Telcot Hammerbush

The young earl of Highcastle.


Lord Telcot Hammerbush is the earl of Highcastle.

Despite only 54, a young age for halflings, Telcot has distinguished himself as a noble and fair ruler. The citizens of Highcastle can often be heard speaking praises of their lord as he remains just as beloved as his late father was.

Following in his father’s footsteps, he has continued supporting the cities’ less fortunate and maintained construction of the poorer districts.


Born in 4599, Telcot was the second son of lord Dadwill Hammerbush.

His unexpected rise to the earl of Highcastle came in 4618, when his father, his older brother Dadmund and his younger brother Garfer were ambushed and killed while travelling the Vinemarrow road.

Despite the circumstances of his ascension, Telcot was and remains a fair and beloved leader in the eyes of Highcastle’s citizens.

Lord Telcot Hammerbush

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