Jeremiah Gamwich-Sandy

The oldest halfling in Underhay village and a constant source of important information


Status: 164 is the new 20

At 164 years old, Jeremiah is by far the oldest halfling in Underhay Village. He is percieved by many as the wisest person in the village and is treated as a sort of leader.

Jeremiah is a kind, helpful halfling who had no problem helping the party either by advice or financially.


Jeremiah was born in Batton, where he lived out the first 70 years of his life. Craving adventure, he moved to Highcastle where he worked as a development coordinator for the cities poorer districts.

In 4650, when the building of a new village on the outskirts of Trettle Forest had been set in motion, Jeremiah was selected to lead the settlers and monitor the development of the village.

He is currently married to his wife of 82 years, Lotbella, and has 6 children, Laudo, Rudi, Merfas, Totho, Lara and Myrdi.

Jeremiah Gamwich-Sandy

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