A fiersome gnoll chieftain with a special dose of hatred toward all things dwarven and gnome.


Status: Assembling an Army

Geggler is a huge gnoll chieftain who commands a large camp located on Mord mountain.


Morin and Elly were the first two to encounter Geggler during their time on the mountain.

In one of his most merciful moments, he refrained from killing both of them, instead letting Morin go and taking Elly (although briefly) a prisoner. He later let her go as well, a decision he regretted most dearly as they both returned to murder him not long after.

Though defeated and taken as a hostage, Geggler’s tribesmen managed to retrieve him only hours later, reinstating him as the chieftain of the tribe. He now presumably spends his days plotting revenge and building his army as to take revenge upon his abductees.


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