A fearsome orc with a heart of gold.


Status: Died a Hero

Bobo was a mighty orc warrior and a good friend of Elly. He travelled with her prior to her journey to Underhay.


Nothing of Bobo’s youth is currently known.

In 4652, he met Elly in Tatterwood forest, befriending her and travelling with her for a year. During their travels on the outskirts of the forest they were drawn to Southpass keep and to a battle between the humans and the drow. Despite initially winning the fight, the drow soon returned in greater numbers and overwhelmed the human defenders.

In an attempt to give Elly and the humans time to run, Bobo fought and ultimately died fighting the oncoming drow hordes. His sacrifice was noted not only by Elly but also by the human defenders.

Seven months after the fall of Southpass, Bobo became only the second orc ever to be immortalized by a statue in the Edengate’s Hall of the Heroes.


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