#2. Gnoll Goblins

The party assembles and goes for an another go at the case of the lost loot.

  • While waiting for Morin’s party to arrive, Elly befriended a new wolf, and named him Bobo III.
  • Thanammash, a human wizard, and Fervellion, an elf bard, rolled into village and met with Morin and Elly.
  • They were filled in on the plan and agreed to go after the goblins and the loot.
  • Before they left, however, they were informed by Jeremiah that a paladin recently came into the village and is looking to go after that same loot himself.
  • They met with the paladin, a human named Kraey and invited him to join them on their quest. Kraey agreed.
  • After a brief carriage ride to Mord mountain, they ascended and went searching for goblins.
  • An entire days’ search, however, proved fruitless as they found not a single clue of goblin activity, but were instead attacked by a pair of Grimlocks.
  • Having defeated the strange creatures, they concluded the gnolls must have made up the goblins and turned around to go after them. Elly, having remembered the way to their camp, led the way.
  • It didn’t take long for them to come face to face with a small patrol, and although they defeated them easily, 1 gnoll got away.
  • From there, it was only a matter of time before they got attacked by a larger force and Elly knew it. She saved the party from being ambushed by seeing through the gnolls’ ambush plans.
  • Geggler returned, leading a dozen gnolls in an assault on the party. Though outnumbered, they fought masterfully and eventually defeated both Geggler and his gnolls with all of their members still on their feet.
    *The party captured Geggler and, confident that the gnolls’ numbers are now diminished, they proceeded to the camp, convinced that there, they would find their stolen loot.
  • They cautiously approached the camp and managed to scout it without being seen. The gnolls were still at least 20 strong.
  • Unsure how to proceed, they finally decided to try and draw out only a small number of gnolls as to ease the fight.
  • Thanammash made some wierd noises, and sure as rain, 2 gnolls came poking around. Despite ambushing the duo, 1 gnoll got away.
  • In minutes, he brought the rest of his tribe along with him, and the party was forced to run, leaving an unconscious Geggler behind to draw the gnolls attention and ease their escape.
  • They made it back to Underhay Village safely, and after a brief discussion, they decided they were done with the gnolls and the missing loot, and decided that tommorow, they would travel to Highcastle instead.

Loot: Bracers of dexterity (+1), several battleaxes, a pair of shortbows and a few gold pieces.



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