#1. A Party is Formed

The not-so-fantastic heroes meet, and embark on their first adventure. Also, barely survive.

  • Elly and Bobo Jr. made their way to Underhay Village. There, they met a halfling named Jimmy who showed them around and introduced them to Jeremiah.
  • Elly treated herself and Bobo Jr. a meal at the local Blowersack inn. While eating, she overheard a conversation about a group of adventurers who lost their possessions at a tomb on Mord mountain.
  • Deciding she should go check out the tomb, she started searching for companions.
  • She soon stumbled upon a drunken dwarf in metal armor. She thought he would make a good meat shield.
  • The dwarf, Morin, however, already had a party. A human and an elf whose return from Highcastle he was awaiting.
  • The two decided there was no harm in exploring the tomb while he waited, paid for a carriage ride and set off for the mountain.
  • Morin urged caution as he knew Mord mountain was famous for the gnolls that live there.
  • Proceeding cautiously, they reached the tomb without running into anyone.
  • The tomb, however, was empty. The only signs of missing items were drag marks along the floors.
  • Morin and Elly agreed the gnolls must had stolen whatever was there and came to a brilliant decision to go hunting for gnolls.
  • They soon stumbled upon 4 vicious gnolls, and despite suffering a few nasty blows, defeated them.
  • A search provided no clue as to the missing items and so they decided to leave the mountain and head back for the Village.
  • On the way, however, they encountered another party of 3 gnolls. Without giving it much thought, Morin charged on.
  • Though initially winning the fight, their chances diminished when an enormous gnoll chieftan entered the fray with more of his warriors.
  • Quite luckily for them, the gnoll chieftain spoke Common, and thus they stopped fighting and instead explained the case of the missing items.
  • The chieftain, Geggler, was unsympathetic to their problems. He explained however, that the gnolls had nothing to do with it as that tomb is known goblin territory. He then agreed to let them go as long as they surrender their prized belongings.
  • In a fit of brilliance, Elly offered her healing services instead, offering to go to the gnoll encampment and heal the wounded there. Geggler accepted, but refused to allow Morin to come.
  • Pushed into a corner, they were forced to accept and Elly and Morin went their separate ways.
  • Struggling with deciding what to do, Morin ultimately decided to return to Underhay.
  • On his way through the forest, however, he was attacked by a lone wolf. Though he fought well, the wolf proved too strong.
  • Elly had reached the gnoll camp, where Bobo Jr. was taken from her, she was placed into a hole in the ground, kept under guard and forced to go around camp healing the wounded. She complied for two days.
  • On the third day, Geggler came with an offer. He would let Elly go as a peace offer to the halflings of Underhay and Highcastle to stop their attacks on the gnolls of Mord mountain. Elly accepted and left for Underhay.
  • Unlike Morin, she had a safe trip back and arrived to find a distressed Jeremiah telling her that his hunters had found a wounded dwarf in the forest.
  • Elly healed Morin’s injuries and together they decided to wait for the arrival of Morin’s party and then go after the goblins and their loot once again.

*Loot: A few battleaxes, a couple of pieces of silver.



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