#4. Welcome to Highcastle

The party goes after child kidnappers, messes with a powerful guild and stumbles upon an underground criminal empire.

  • The party made it to Highcastle.
  • While eating at a local inn, their meal was interrupted when an elderly woman came in rambling about missing children, asking for help.
  • Morin rushed to hear her out.
  • The woman explained that she was a caretaker at a local orphanage and that one of the children had been abducted by a man called Redley Nimas.
  • Asking around, the party discovered Redly was the leader of a famous warriors guild, and a powerful man in his own right.
  • They decided they would try and infiltrate the guild.
  • Morin and Fervellion went in but soon learned the guild only accepts a handful of people every year, and that there was nothing they could do.
  • The party decided they would leave Smetlana behind to follow Redley and see where he goes while the rest went to see what they could learn by asking around town.
  • All hands pointed towards The Crawl, the infamous underground of Highcastle.
  • Smetlana was learning nothing from her tail and so the party decided they would investigate The Crawl.
  • They soon learned this underground criminal hive wasn’t as easy to enter as they thought. They learned each section is completely separated from one another and only the people who use it know the way in.
  • When a trip to the barracks proved fruitless, they decided they would catch themselves a criminal.
  • Keeping guard at the Round Fair, they soon spotted a pickpocketer and chased him into a corner.
  • Interrogation proved succesful, as the halfling knew an entrance into the underground.
  • He led them to a house and to a man beneath whose basement laid an entrance.
  • The halfling escorted them to a black market where Thanammash introduced himself as the man who kidnaps orphan children
  • The man in charge bought his lie and showed his surprise as he thought a man named Hesly Conwen was the one who kidnapped the orphans.
  • This information was all they needed. They soon tracked Hesly to an underground warehouse and confronted him and his men.
  • A huge fight ensued, and the party emerged victorious.
  • Although the warehouse was almost completely empty and there were no signs of any children, it still wasn’t a total miss.
  • Searching Hesly’s body, they found a crucial piece of evidence in their search for the children. The letter read:

“We haven’t made this much money since the Hammerbush kid. Consider the money a bonus for a job well done. I’m waiting for you at Batton.


Loot: A dozen longswords + other weapons, 1440 gold pieces and the letter.



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