#4. Welcome to Highcastle
The party goes after child kidnappers, messes with a powerful guild and stumbles upon an underground criminal empire.
  • The party made it to Highcastle.
  • While eating at a local inn, their meal was interrupted when an elderly woman came in rambling about missing children, asking for help.
  • Morin rushed to hear her out.
  • The woman explained that she was a caretaker at a local orphanage and that one of the children had been abducted by a man called Redley Nimas.
  • Asking around, the party discovered Redly was the leader of a famous warriors guild, and a powerful man in his own right.
  • They decided they would try and infiltrate the guild.
  • Morin and Fervellion went in but soon learned the guild only accepts a handful of people every year, and that there was nothing they could do.
  • The party decided they would leave Smetlana behind to follow Redley and see where he goes while the rest went to see what they could learn by asking around town.
  • All hands pointed towards The Crawl, the infamous underground of Highcastle.
  • Smetlana was learning nothing from her tail and so the party decided they would investigate The Crawl.
  • They soon learned this underground criminal hive wasn’t as easy to enter as they thought. They learned each section is completely separated from one another and only the people who use it know the way in.
  • When a trip to the barracks proved fruitless, they decided they would catch themselves a criminal.
  • Keeping guard at the Round Fair, they soon spotted a pickpocketer and chased him into a corner.
  • Interrogation proved succesful, as the halfling knew an entrance into the underground.
  • He led them to a house and to a man beneath whose basement laid an entrance.
  • The halfling escorted them to a black market where Thanammash introduced himself as the man who kidnaps orphan children
  • The man in charge bought his lie and showed his surprise as he thought a man named Hesly Conwen was the one who kidnapped the orphans.
  • This information was all they needed. They soon tracked Hesly to an underground warehouse and confronted him and his men.
  • A huge fight ensued, and the party emerged victorious.
  • Although the warehouse was almost completely empty and there were no signs of any children, it still wasn’t a total miss.
  • Searching Hesly’s body, they found a crucial piece of evidence in their search for the children. The letter read:

“We haven’t made this much money since the Hammerbush kid. Consider the money a bonus for a job well done. I’m waiting for you at Batton.


Loot: A dozen longswords + other weapons, 1440 gold pieces and the letter.

#3. Magic of The Forest
The party takes a shot at the big times and sees if they can make it in Highcastle. But not just yet...
  • The party made it to Highcastle.
  • After doing their shopping and asking around, they encountered a rambling mage who spoke about a disruption in the magic and the aggressivenes of local wildlife.
  • They also met with Smetlana, an old friend of both Thanammash and Fervellion. Kraey however, couldn’t stand the elf and forced the party to choose between the two. Kraey was left behind.
  • Deciding to check out the mages’ story, they hired a carriage to take them all the way to the hunter’s lodge at the Farle river bank.
  • The hunter’s confirmed the mages’ words, saying the wildlife have indeed been getting more aggressive.
  • They told them the location of a small grove, supposedly the epicenter of all that’s been going on.
  • Escorted by two hunters, the party carried on and made it to the grove, only to find a river between them and the only bridge across destroyed.
  • Estimating that the hole in the bridge is not too large, they decided they would jump it.
  • They removed their armor, wrapped 1 end of the rope around the jumper and another around Bobo III, and, 1 by 1, they jumped across.
  • Although Thanammash missjudged his jump and fell, and although Bobo’s rope broke, Morin was focused enough to grab hold of the rope and pull his friend back.
  • Being more careful after that, they all made it across.
  • As soon as they entered the grove, they were greeted by a solitary satyr.
  • Politely, he asked of their intentions and asked them to leave, explaining that while this grove was once a great forest, it is no longer that and their presence disturbed the animals.
  • When they refused and asked him to show them around instead, he politely accepted.
  • This walk proved uneventful, as the party neither saw or heard from any animals and the grove seemed fully uninteresting.
  • Once again, the satyr asked them to leave, and once again they refused, instead opting to spend the night.
  • The satyr agreed but asked them not to light fires.
  • When night came, however, they did just that. With Fervellion and Elly standing guard, the satyr appeared once again, upset by their disrespect.
  • While Fervellion played it cool and apologized, Elly alarmed the others, infuriating the satyr and causing him to attack.
  • The satyr was soon aided by wolves, worgs, bears and all sorts of animals, but the party still managed to defeat them.
  • Just when they thought it was safe, weeds, grass, even trees, started wrapping themselves around everyone, just as arrows started flying in from the darkness.
  • Thanammash, Fervellion and Smetlana managed to hide behind trees but Elly and Morin were caught in a barrage of arrows whose point of origin they couldn’t pinpoint.
  • More animals attacked as the mysterious Elf archer revealed himself.
  • Though down both their fighter and their druid, the party managed to defeat both the elf and the animals, save their friends and capture the elf.
  • Interrogation revealed he was a ranger who sworn vengeance upon all humans for destroying this once great forest.
  • Using his love of it against him, the party threatened to burn it down unless he told them where he lived.
  • This proved a good choice, as there, they found a great cache of bows and ammunition.
  • They returned to the river, this time finding a shallow part to cross it, handed the elf to the hunters and set path back towards Highcastle.

Loot: A Composite darkwood longbow (+2), several shortbows and longbows, a strange feathered talisman and a pair of Sleeping arrows.

#2. Gnoll Goblins
The party assembles and goes for an another go at the case of the lost loot.
  • While waiting for Morin’s party to arrive, Elly befriended a new wolf, and named him Bobo III.
  • Thanammash, a human wizard, and Fervellion, an elf bard, rolled into village and met with Morin and Elly.
  • They were filled in on the plan and agreed to go after the goblins and the loot.
  • Before they left, however, they were informed by Jeremiah that a paladin recently came into the village and is looking to go after that same loot himself.
  • They met with the paladin, a human named Kraey and invited him to join them on their quest. Kraey agreed.
  • After a brief carriage ride to Mord mountain, they ascended and went searching for goblins.
  • An entire days’ search, however, proved fruitless as they found not a single clue of goblin activity, but were instead attacked by a pair of Grimlocks.
  • Having defeated the strange creatures, they concluded the gnolls must have made up the goblins and turned around to go after them. Elly, having remembered the way to their camp, led the way.
  • It didn’t take long for them to come face to face with a small patrol, and although they defeated them easily, 1 gnoll got away.
  • From there, it was only a matter of time before they got attacked by a larger force and Elly knew it. She saved the party from being ambushed by seeing through the gnolls’ ambush plans.
  • Geggler returned, leading a dozen gnolls in an assault on the party. Though outnumbered, they fought masterfully and eventually defeated both Geggler and his gnolls with all of their members still on their feet.
    *The party captured Geggler and, confident that the gnolls’ numbers are now diminished, they proceeded to the camp, convinced that there, they would find their stolen loot.
  • They cautiously approached the camp and managed to scout it without being seen. The gnolls were still at least 20 strong.
  • Unsure how to proceed, they finally decided to try and draw out only a small number of gnolls as to ease the fight.
  • Thanammash made some wierd noises, and sure as rain, 2 gnolls came poking around. Despite ambushing the duo, 1 gnoll got away.
  • In minutes, he brought the rest of his tribe along with him, and the party was forced to run, leaving an unconscious Geggler behind to draw the gnolls attention and ease their escape.
  • They made it back to Underhay Village safely, and after a brief discussion, they decided they were done with the gnolls and the missing loot, and decided that tommorow, they would travel to Highcastle instead.

Loot: Bracers of dexterity (+1), several battleaxes, a pair of shortbows and a few gold pieces.

#1. A Party is Formed
The not-so-fantastic heroes meet, and embark on their first adventure. Also, barely survive.
  • Elly and Bobo Jr. made their way to Underhay Village. There, they met a halfling named Jimmy who showed them around and introduced them to Jeremiah.
  • Elly treated herself and Bobo Jr. a meal at the local Blowersack inn. While eating, she overheard a conversation about a group of adventurers who lost their possessions at a tomb on Mord mountain.
  • Deciding she should go check out the tomb, she started searching for companions.
  • She soon stumbled upon a drunken dwarf in metal armor. She thought he would make a good meat shield.
  • The dwarf, Morin, however, already had a party. A human and an elf whose return from Highcastle he was awaiting.
  • The two decided there was no harm in exploring the tomb while he waited, paid for a carriage ride and set off for the mountain.
  • Morin urged caution as he knew Mord mountain was famous for the gnolls that live there.
  • Proceeding cautiously, they reached the tomb without running into anyone.
  • The tomb, however, was empty. The only signs of missing items were drag marks along the floors.
  • Morin and Elly agreed the gnolls must had stolen whatever was there and came to a brilliant decision to go hunting for gnolls.
  • They soon stumbled upon 4 vicious gnolls, and despite suffering a few nasty blows, defeated them.
  • A search provided no clue as to the missing items and so they decided to leave the mountain and head back for the Village.
  • On the way, however, they encountered another party of 3 gnolls. Without giving it much thought, Morin charged on.
  • Though initially winning the fight, their chances diminished when an enormous gnoll chieftan entered the fray with more of his warriors.
  • Quite luckily for them, the gnoll chieftain spoke Common, and thus they stopped fighting and instead explained the case of the missing items.
  • The chieftain, Geggler, was unsympathetic to their problems. He explained however, that the gnolls had nothing to do with it as that tomb is known goblin territory. He then agreed to let them go as long as they surrender their prized belongings.
  • In a fit of brilliance, Elly offered her healing services instead, offering to go to the gnoll encampment and heal the wounded there. Geggler accepted, but refused to allow Morin to come.
  • Pushed into a corner, they were forced to accept and Elly and Morin went their separate ways.
  • Struggling with deciding what to do, Morin ultimately decided to return to Underhay.
  • On his way through the forest, however, he was attacked by a lone wolf. Though he fought well, the wolf proved too strong.
  • Elly had reached the gnoll camp, where Bobo Jr. was taken from her, she was placed into a hole in the ground, kept under guard and forced to go around camp healing the wounded. She complied for two days.
  • On the third day, Geggler came with an offer. He would let Elly go as a peace offer to the halflings of Underhay and Highcastle to stop their attacks on the gnolls of Mord mountain. Elly accepted and left for Underhay.
  • Unlike Morin, she had a safe trip back and arrived to find a distressed Jeremiah telling her that his hunters had found a wounded dwarf in the forest.
  • Elly healed Morin’s injuries and together they decided to wait for the arrival of Morin’s party and then go after the goblins and their loot once again.

*Loot: A few battleaxes, a couple of pieces of silver.

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